Historical Model Railway Exhibition

Historical Model Railway Exhibition

One of Europe’s largest model railway exhibitions can be seen on the second floor of the Hunting Museum.

75 trains run according to timetable on 2700 meters of tracks surrounded by 1800 buildings. The authentic trains are made up of engines, passenger cars and freight wagons of the 19th and 20th centuries. The rail network of the stations was based on aerial photos and original plans, some of which are also exhibited.

The Kanizsa-Budapest and Semmering-Klamm models commemorate the former Hungarian-Austrian Southern Railway. The latter is one of the largest mountain railway models in the world.

The Nürnberg model runs in the middle of the hall. It presents Schwarzwald (the Black Forest), Nürnberg, Bad-Schandau (former border crossing between East Germany and Czechoslovakia) and a Central-European town.

The railway station buildings are period copies of the original ones. The biggest station is Nürnberg with 26 tracks.

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