Hunting Exhibition

Hunting Exhibition

The Hunting Exhibition presents trophies of more than 200 game species from five continents. Most of the animals can be seen in their natural habitat.

The Festetics family's collection of trophies disappeared from the palace during and after World War II, therefore it is not possible to exhibit it. However, visitors cannot fully understand aristocratic lifestyle without the evocation of hunting. The permanent hunting exhibition is to fulfil this requirement.

The core of the collection includes the hundreds of trophies that Franz Josef Windisch-Grätz donated to Hungary, and the selected trophies of Baron George Dózsa. The museum commemorates the most well-known Hungarian hunters like Zsigmond Széchenyi, Kálmán Kittenberger, Ákos Szederjei and Endre Nagy.

The collection of one of the founders of the Hunting Museum, Béla Hidvégi, consists of huntable big game animals from five continents. The life-size animals can be seen in their natural habitat.

To make the experience complete, there is also a thematic ethnographical and art collection.

 Watch the 3D presentation of the exhibition.

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