Palm House

Palm House

The Palm House, which opened in 2012, evokes the tradition of orangeries and tropical plant houses typical of the royal and aristocratic lifestyle. It presents the most beautiful exotic plants from Tahiti to Florida.

The building of the Palm House is situated in the park of the palace. Based on the Frenchman H. Cels’ plans, it was built in 1880 by Count Tassilo Festetics II. Parts of its structure were made in Gustave Eiffel’s workshop in Paris. It was originally used for keeping the palms and the pot plants of the palace – it served as a ’plant sanitarium’.

In the spectacle garden, which demonstrates the most beautiful species of the tropical and Mediterranean flora, visitors can gain insight into the special flora of distant continents. Apart from the rare flower wonders, cultivated plants can also be seen, e.g. cocoa, sugarcane, coffee.

The plumeria hybrids of the Palm House, the number of which is nearly 200, make up the second largest such collection in Europe. The tropical hibiscus material consists of 500 hybrids, making it one of the top collections in Europe. The other material of the greenhouse collection is expanding gradually, as well.

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