Festetics Palace – The Library

 The collection is Hungary’s sole intact aristocratic private library, collected by the Festetics family for 200 years. It includes prints from the Hungarian language area as well as cultural treasures from Europe’s significant printing houses.

The first palace built by Christopher Festetics already housed a library. While reconstructing the palace, George Festetics had a whole wing built for his library, where the books were kept on Neoclassical bookshelves made of Slavonian oak.

George Festetics expanded the collection with works on Hungarian literature and science, the philosophical literature of the age of Enlightment, the newest works on economy, and a remarkable amount of newspapers and magazines. The books, which were invaluable in themselves, were bound in artistically decorated leather bindings. The family employed librarians and took care of the library’s maintenance and growth.

The library, together with the ever expanding special collections, consists of more than 86.000 items. The adjacent small library houses books on eonomy and sport.

The research rooms of the library are open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pm. The books are not lent out, they can only be read on site.

To access the services of the library, a research ticket must be bought at the cash desk of the museum.

Research ticket:

student: 700 HUF/month

adult: 1500 HUF/month

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